Repertory Dance Theatre – Vernal Concert

The Uintah Arts Council is proud to present, in concert,

Repertory Dance Theatre!

50 years ago, It was radical when a group of Utah dancers beat out the big city stalwarts to receive a Rockefeller grant establishing RDT as the nation’s first modern dance repertory company.  Today, the Company is just as revolutionary as it was in 1966.  Founded during a period of social defiance and political unrest, RDT embraces the transformative dance of the early modern masters, and harnesses it to contextualize RDT’s  own formative era, as well as the present day. RDT continues to push the boundaries of the art form by commissioning cutting-edge works by new choreographers.

RDT will spend three full days in the community presenting workshops, clinics and lecture demonstrations. You won’t want to miss these marvelous professional dancers!

All seating is reserved… get your tickets today!

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Outlaw Trail Theater Announcement 2017!

The Uintah Arts Council’s Outlaw Trail Theater is proud and excited to announce their 2017 summer shows! Yes, we said shows (plural)!

First of all, we are keeping with tradition by producing a musical… the incomparable Singin’ In the Rain! This show will be directed and choreographed by Taunia Wheeler with music director Brian Litton. The show will run June 19th thru July 1st. Auditions will be held in early-mid April and rehearsals will start May 1st.

Along with the musical, we will also be producing a fun-filled melodrama… Showtime On the Showboat or… Don’t Throw Garbage In the River! The melodrama will be directed by Jake Harrison! “Showtime” will run a few performances during the Uintah County Fair and again on Wednesday nights, June 21st and 28th, during the musical. Auditions for the melodrama will be held at the end of April and rehearsals, again, will begin in the first week of May.

Anyone interested in auditioning should click here, audition/

Ticket information, etc., will be available here, at

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Photography Novice?

Did you take a great photo recently that you’d like everyone to see? Maybe you have had a shot come out looking like it belongs in a magazine, but you’ve never entered a contest, or show, and you only do this on the side, occasionally. We can make it easy for you.


While all levels of experienced photographers are invited to enter our annual juried “Photo Shootout”, you only compete against others of your own approximate skill set.

If you are an amateur–never engaging in photography for pay–you will only compete with other amateurs.

If you are a novice, never having entered any kind of contest or show before, your entry fees per photo will be a little less, and your photos will only be judged against those entered in the amateur division.

Advanced amateurs, who sometimes hire out as a photographer, but don’t make a living from it, will only compete against other advanced amateurs. Hence, professionals only compete against other professionals… and children (under age 12) only compete against other children.

If you were worried that you couldn’t put a great photo in the contest because you felt like you don’t stand a chance against folks with lots of experience, and who even sell their photos for money, stop worrying! Show the world the photos that you’re so proud of. It’s you big chance!

Everything you need to know is available HERE.


Enter Our Photo Shootout!

Do You Take Some Great Photos? Would you like to show them to everyone and have chance to win a prize?

The Uintah Arts Council’s Annual Juried Photography Shootout is just a few days away. October 6th and 7th are the days to submit your photos (up to 4) for this year’s contest!

You will only compete with other photographers that are at your same approximate skill level… Amateur, Advanced Amateur, Professional, or Child (under 12).

Your photos may be of people, landscapes, plants and animals, or… if you want to have some extra fun, enter in the “theme” category and test your creativity. The theme this year is “Boots, Buckles & Bling”.

Go to to find all of the details. It’s easy! You can do it!

Auditions: One More Week


It’s time to get serious about auditions for Camelot–with only one week to go. But, there’s still plenty of time.

We need all of you to share this with everyone you know, whether you are able or interested or not. The only way that everyone will hear about this is if you share it. Please make sure everyone has an opportunity to try out and possible take part in this classic production! Thank you, every one of you, for your help!

Call for Artists

The Outlaw Trail Festival of the Arts is calling for artists to enter their 26th annual juried art contest and show. Oil/Acrylic, Watercolor, Drawings, Charcoal and Sculpture are this mediums for this yearly contest. Cash prizes will be awarded!

Click HERE to jump to the website with all of the rules, forms and dates.